“This isn’t a frivolous lawsuit”- How people in need come to us

If we were a betting firm, we would win 75% of the time when we are referred a case, the person who comes in to see us is a professional and we bet that the person says ” This isn’t about the Money” or “this isn’t one of those frivolous claims”.

We are living in a time where the sound bytes of the media, the power of the money-both nationally and locally-all proclaim the injustice of the tort system in this country that allows a remedy in damages when there is a civil wrong.

It is popular to be against “run-away juries” and “frivolous lawsuits”. We are all against these things and in the abstract, it is always the other guy’s case or family that is looking for something for nothing.

We do contingency litigation on behalf of families who have suffered a loss. We have represented the poorest of the poor and many families of corporate executives referred to us because we are “true believers”- (not like the Monkees).

You know what? None of the people we sit across the desk from believe that their case is frivolous and none of them believe their cases are about the money. These friends and referrals across the desk all believe the frivolous cases are the cases the other people are bringing.

Isn’t it ironic that there isn’t a loss until it is our own? We only see our own pain- not our brother’s or sister’s.

People come to us from all walks of life. They may be friends from grade school, junior high or high school. They may be employees of companies we have represented in the past 30 years. We do not judge them, but rather listen, learn and try to help and educate.

For truly there never has been a case about the money or a frivolous lawsuit when we are sitting across the table from someone who has suffered a personal loss. It is about their loss- and it never is about the money or frivolous.

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