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What are Common Injuries in a Car Crash?

Injuries in car crashes can be mild to deadly.  Various factors contribute to the severity of the injuries.  Speed, vehicle size, road conditions and use of seat belts are major contributing factors. Here are some of the injuries we have … Continue reading

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Million Dollar + Product Liability Settlement

Jim Sherburne and I just completed litigating a wrongful death case where a car fell off the lift the mechanic was using and crushed him to death. We were able to convince the manufacturer and its lawyers that had an … Continue reading

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Bike Safety Practices Are Not Optional

A number of years ago I represented a 9 year old little girl brain injured and quadriplegic when she was struck by a van on a residential street while she was entering the road from her driveway on a bicycle.  … Continue reading

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Distracted Driving Is Epidemic

The National Safety Council recognized April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  It urges that: People stop using cell phones while driving Recognize that hands-free devices offer no safety benefit Understand the dangers of the cognitive distraction to the brain You … Continue reading

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1.75 Million Dollar Verdict

One month ago we concluded a trial in Dakota County which resulted in a 1.75 million dollar verdict. We are pleased to report that there is no appeal and the case is settled without post trial motions. Our client was … Continue reading

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Brain Injuries Are Devastating Even if Subtle

From our years of experience as trial lawyers, we know that the brain can be damaged by many accident scenarios which can be difficult to diagnose. Sometimes a person may not even be aware of the injury.  There may be … Continue reading

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Big Trucks Cause Big Damages

  With all of the huge semi-trailer trucks on our nation’s highways, it is no small wonder that each day an innocent motorist is either killed or seriously injured due to excessive speed, driver fatigue or tailgating by a massive … Continue reading

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Granuflo Recall and Legal Claims

  The drug Granuflo was administered to thousands of patients in several thousand dialysis centers across the country. This product was recalled by the FDA along with another product, Naturalyte, because of serious and life threatening heart complications, including sudden … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Hell

In almost every single car crash today, someone will ask the question: “Were you on a cell phone?”.  Why is this? The question is never “Who were you talking with?”. Rather, it is predictable that a causative factor in the … Continue reading

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There was a period of time in the past decade where I said about jurors that “if it ain’t  their pain there ain’t no pain”.  This was based upon an observation from my own trials as well as the experience … Continue reading

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