Glass Houses

The lessons learned with the Amy Koch fiasco for the Republican Party is that you need to be careful of that righteous pony you are riding- it just might buck you. Why are we legislating these personal choices? Why are politicians so intent on getting out their support banning gay marriages?  If a marriage is only sacred between one  man and one woman, what does God think about infidelity? Should we legislate against this? Maybe Newt can testify in front of Congress for violating a Constitutional Amendment banning infidelity.

My mother used to tell me without citing any specific life experiences, that “we all fall short of the glory”.  I asked my friend some time ago what lessons did Christ teach us on how to be a better Christian.  It was pretty cool that he did not respond immediately that day.  Now this guy knows his Bible.  He teaches a large Bible study and has been leading Christian trips to Israel. Instead, about a week later we were talking about something else when he said, “you know, remember when you asked me what a person needed to do to be a good Christian”? I said yes.

He said we need to love the Lord with our whole heart and soul and mind and to love our neighbor as ourselves. My mother also reminded me often-“Judge not that you be not judged”. I am still trying to follow these words in my life every day and falling short of the glory.

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