Business Services-Are You Patient Enough to Receive “A-1” Service?

As a general counsel, we are not a “one size fits all” operation. We know how to, and you can expect that we will be able to counsel, advise, direct and execute through your particular issue.

Either we employ the expertise to solve your problem or we have the relationships to get the job done for you without paying an arm and a leg for layers of corporate jibberish and layers of underemployed associates.

Simply stated, we are very good at cutting through the mystique of dealing with a law office. This is because we do not have any pretense or incentive to load or marginalize your cost of legal services.

We have followed a simple and basic premise throughout the almost 30 years of the Firm. That is, simply—“the client is first”. We may not know exactly how to do the job, but we will find out and we will do it better and cheaper that a 40-150 person suited operation.

We are really pretty good-and if we are not great- I guarantee we are cheaper than the loaded suit firms. If you don’t need to put on a show for a public or private board of directors, you need to contact us.

We have relationships, expertise-transactional and litigation- that will allow you to grow and succeed. We intend to have a personal and professional relationship with you. Any one can talk the talk-we walk the walk.

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