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There was a period of time in the past decade where I said about jurors that “if it ain’t  their pain there ain’t no pain”.  This was based upon an observation from my own trials as well as the experience … Continue reading

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It Appears to be Politics as Usual in Minnesota

Why does it sometimes take a crisis or tragedy to cause cooperation and a spirit of unity for the common good?  Can a candidate for public office after elected ever become a statesman? Why does money buy corporations access to … Continue reading

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Rules and Regulations

Privacy rights are often conflicted with the need to know and common sense.  I recently had a run-in with a local hospital.  The patient had provided me with a HIPPA compliant medical authorization at the hospital. The client was an … Continue reading

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Tort Deform Proposals Inundate Country

I continue to hear about the tort deform legislation being introduced throughout the country this year by Republicans that overwhelmingly crushed the Democrats in the mid-term elections.   There is no groundswell among the populace demanding that individual rights be eviscerated.  … Continue reading

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