Monthly Archives: December 2005

Executive Power is From the People

We are nation building in Iraq in the name of democracy. We are allowing the warrantless search of our own citizens without judicial scrutiny and by presidential fiat. We have tortured enemy prisioners in Europe within loopholes briefed and argued … Continue reading

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Dan O’Fallon is Running for the Senate

A fellow trial lawyer, Dan O’Fallon has announced that he is running for the Minnesota State Senate. Dan is a partner in the Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi firm here in Minneapolis. I have known Dan for a number of … Continue reading

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Curling Irons are more useful than curling roofs

A good friend and former neighbor has her dander up about a warranty issue that faces many consumers. It seems that the new roof she and John put on her home 7 years ago is curling and the manufacturer is … Continue reading

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