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The Prize Winning Irises- My First Trial

These were no ordinary irises that were wrongfully dug up from my client’s yard by his venomous neighbor. These were award winning, one-of-a-kind irises that could not be replaced. Pulling out your neighbor’s prize winning iris plants is never a … Continue reading

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Going to Southwest Minnesota

Once in a while it is nice to get some windshield time. Today I drove to Worthington to take the deposition of an eyewitness to a horrific car accident involving a brain injury to my client when the seatbelt in … Continue reading

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Pam Am Flight 103

My very close friend and partner, Bruce Hanley, now with the Rider, Bennett firm, asked me to help him with representing a family in the Lockerbie Air Disaster in 1988. Bruce is the best criminal lawyer in the state, with … Continue reading

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The Cost of War in Iraq

Tim Baily, a fellow trial lawyer sent me a link today to a web site about the cost of the war. So far the war has cost us 66 billion dollars. Think about how many children could be fed and … Continue reading

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